Augment El Paso, through the support of El Paso’s Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD), has selected four permanent murals and one *pop-up mural to be enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR). These murals are saturated in our unique culture, poignant imagery, and offer wisdom to all who wish to listen. These traits allowed new dimensions of movement, sound , and interaction to be realized and woven together into every mural to expand upon each of the artists’ visions.

By enhancing each mural with 3D graphics, animation, and audio, and more, we offer the viewer new ways to interact with these beautiful works of art . We encourage people to get out and reconnect with their city’s surroundings and have fun in doing so!



523 S. Campbell St. & 4th Ave.

Dedicated to the the rich Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll heritage of El Paso's Segundo Barrio, this mural showcases bands such as The El Paso Drifters, The Nite-Dreamers, Charlie Miller and the Jives, The Birdland Combo, The Rythmairs, Little Mike. Also depicted is local legend, Steve Crosno, whose passion for music and the community allowed many of these talented artists to rise to the forefront.



International Stanton St. Port of Entry

The PasoPortAll mural drapes the border of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico at the International Stanton St. Port of Entry, where an average of 1.2 million people cross per year.

“El Paso Port-All” is inspired by the awe-inspiring sunsets, border culture, history, and traditions.” - WERC

Agua Es Vida

Nani Chacon

*Pop-up Mural

“This mural honors the historical and traditional connection we have to water. The water that lives in us, is the water of centuries . It is an imperative realization we must have to protect our water, it is sacred, and it is what connects us all . This mural honors our Relationship with water with the understanding that it is water that gives us life . ” - Nani Chacon

Sister Cities

Lxs Dos

Father Rahm Ave. & El Paso St.

"The women are used as a metaphor for the connection between the border communities. The characters illustrated inside the sister's chain fence pattern shirt represent the people who have been at the mercy and directly affected by capitalist trade agreements and interests, which have a very notable impact on our communities.” “It talks about our commonalities, like being illuminated by the same sun, but also about our struggles.” - LxsDos

OMECOATL - Twin Serpant

Gabriel Gaytan

Lincoln Park, 4001 Durazno

“Meso-American serpents represent natural movement and our pre-Hispanic culture. One serpent symbolizes the feminine energy and the other serpent is the masculine energy. Everything in creation consist the balanced of two opposites: male/female; hot/cold; good/bad; night/day; positive/negative; left/right. It is this balanced human beings strive to maintain.” - Gabriel Gaytan