What Is Augmented Reality?

Augment El Paso bridges the gap between traditional print media and interactive computer media through the use of Augmented Reality. Through the use of a smartphone or tablet device, an augmented image becomes a multisensory experience as the viewer gains the ability to interact with 3D models and graphical interfaces, view animations and streaming video, and listen to narration, sound effects, and or music.

Using the AEP app on FUSION magazine #71

How Does It Work?

Using the Augment El Paso App, the viewer scans enhanced artwork with their smartphone or tablet device, and 3D graphics begin to populate the display screen. The AEP App uses tracking data within the artwork to tether the 3D graphics directly to the image, causing it to remain in a fixed position, while allowing the user to view and interact with the media from different angles and perspectives. The viewer then has the ability to interact with the digital content and activate animations with the 3D models, audio and video, and can also be directed to external for additional information or content related to the artwork being augmented.

Augment El Paso Showcase at Dreadful Things

Who Is Augment El Paso?

Augment El Paso was originally founded by David Figueroa, who brought together digital and traditional artists, and passionate individuals to enhance the El Paso Del Norte region and beyond, through unique art, showcases, educational workshops, and service.

Our community holds a special place in our hearts, and we love working with local artists! We realize that by working together, we can accomplish something truly amazing.


Augment El Paso runs largely out of pocket. Digital entertainment is a world that is constantly evolving, and we rely on print sales and commissions to purchase the software, hardware, and prints that allow us to continue to develop content for our community. Like what we are doing? Help us continue by purchasing a print!  

We always welcome sponsorship to help us bring our upcoming events into fruition. Wish to have your business featured in our app? Contact us!